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A1 Savannahs Toninho x A1 Savannahs Isabella (F2)
Savannah x Savannah Breeding

Born January 18, 2015

Ready to go: NOW

 Introducing.....F3 Savannah girl Anastasia 

(SOLD to Katherine in Texas as a future queen)


Anastasia has a gorgeous golden base coat and jet black spots. She is already litterbox trained and eating solid food. She has a sweet, playful personality and loves to be in your face trying to get your attention and constant love, hugs and kisses. She is curious, bouncy and is incredible in front of the camera. Her legs are very long and look at those tufts at the tip of her ears. She is a natural supermodel! A complete love bug :)



 A1 Savannahs Toninho x A1 Savannahs Isabella
Savannah x Savannah Breeding

Born March 11, 2012



(SOLD to Victoria & Michael in Texas) 





Male Kitten


(SOLD to Jennifer in Texas)




Please click here to see video of Barcelona


Female Kitten 



(SOLD to Daniel & Mellissa in Texas)




 Female Kitten



(SOLD to Katie & Lee in Carollton, TX)  


Female Kitten



(SOLD to Ray & Vicki in Texas)  


Female Kitten




              A1 Savannahs Toninho x A1 Savannahs Isabella
           Savannah x Savannah Breeding

            F3 Kittens have arrived!

        Born July 8, 2011

             (SOLD to Bill in Littleton, Colorado) 

       Leonardo - Dark Boy

Click here to see a current video of this baby!











(SOLD to Kelli in Colorado) 

Zyri - Light Boy

Click here to see a current video of this baby!





The Parents
              Toninho - Our gorgeous silver spotted F5 Savannah boy
  Isabella - Our stunning and very exotic F2 Savannah Queen

  We are very excited about this pairing because both of these amazing Savannahs have mile long legs, lean, slender bodies, hooded eyes, wonderfully tall ears, wide nose bridges and very nice nose leather. Toninho has a beautiful clear silver base coat with silver/black spots and Isabella has a sandy base coat with deep brown spots. You'll just love the pink at the end of both of their noses! They have the sweetest personalities and love to be held and cuddled throughout the day - they will just melt your heart!


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