Client Testimonials

"I absolutely adore my sweet girl, Isabella!  She follows me everywhere and couldn't be more affectionate. She has so much personality, loves to play and is, of course, Gorgeous!!!"

Marie from St. Charles, Missouri




"Jacqueline & UltimateXotics helped fill the cat shaped hole I had in my heart by blessing me with Angus. He is the most loving and gentle cat, who goes with the flow and gives kisses and headbutts galore! He gets along perfectly with our other Savannah and miniature dachshund - playing and cuddling. Jacqueline eased my mind by answering every question I ever had and prepared me for life as a Savannah cat mom; I couldn't have asked for a better breeder to learn from! Angus is healthy, caring and a friend. We love him SO much!"

Erica from Prairieville, Louisiana




"Mimi is my little sweetheart!  She always has to have her leg sticking out, silly girl!  Thank you."

Kelly from Brighton, Colorado



"Ella and Kenya were buddies at UltimateXotics. We adopted Ella and a year later we adopted Kenya. They are the most amazing kitties. They are absolutely beautiful as well as super sweet and fun loving!  Jacqueline is wonderful to work with. She truly loves all her cats and puts all her heart into this Cattery!"

Sheila from Northern California




     "I can't thank UltimateXotics enough for providing my family with such a fabulous Bengal. Jacqueline was a pleasure to work with and made sure everything went smoothly with the transaction and transport of Dubai via air travel. Dubai has been such a great addition to our family. He and my daughter are inseparable and he's great pals with our dog as well. He's got a fantastic personality and is always entertaining us with fun in house antics!"

Todd & Gretchen from Dallas, Texas




My wife and I purchased Athena around four years ago and she is the best cat! Jacqueline was very helpful through the entire process and made everything easy to get us started with our new Savannah. When we first got her she was very cautious the first week or so, but opened right up as soon as she got to know us. She definitely chose me as I am her primary "go to" when it comes to sleeping or wanting to play. She will fall asleep on my legs or poke her paw at the covers to lay down next to me under the covers. She will bring her toys to me all the time as "presents" and some morning we will wake up to find every cat toy she owns on our bed. As I am waking up I like to look at my phone, but she will make a point to crawl up and lay on my neck, blocking my view because she MUST be seen every morning.

At times she will bring me a special slipper she likes to carry around and when I throw it she will return with it. She plays fetch! It is so funny to watch her walk around the house with random furry toys in her mouth.

She is very vocal and every time I look at her she asks me how I am. She has such a vibrant personality and you always know what she is asking or saying when she meows. It's hilarious! Everyone that has ever seen her always asks what type of cat she is and where I got her. We are very lucky to have such an amazing cat!

Alex from El Paso, Texas




Jacqueline has changed my life forever. I couldn't imagine a better feline companion than my F3 Savannah, Heisenberg. He gives so much love and enjoyment. He is sad when I leave the house, but makes up for it when I get home with love. Jacqueline was so very helpful making transportation arrangements . She made his transition  as comfortable as possible including helping with his diet, vitamins, and even the best type of litter to use making his adjustment easy.

Bill from Littleton, Colorado